The refrigerator has been an essential part of our kitchens for a while now. From keeping our fruits and vegetables fresh for longer to storing food for consuming the next day, they’ve fulfilled basic kitchen needs for a long time. However, modern refrigerators go beyond that to offer a complete experience centred around the humble cooling tower in your kitchen. Whether it is the app-controls or the alerts about your rations, refrigerators have proved to be  true multitaskers today. Here are some of the most interesting things that refrigerators can do in 2020.

Be a smart hub

Yes, your fridge can be a full-fledged smart console as well. Samsung’s high-end Side by Side comes with a Family Hub that is packed with connected features. Along with leaving notes for everyone to see, you can sync everyone’s shopping lists, shop for groceries, control other smart devices, stream content and much more.  

Work on just solar power

Leading manufacturers have released fridge models that are capable of drawing power from a solar array in your home. This goes a long way towards encouraging sustainable energy usage, especially with better solar panel and power storage technology being developed globally.

Grow vegetables

Earlier this year, Samsung displayed the Bespoke Plant fridge that promises to grow your greens in your home. Using a combination of many Samsung technologies, the fridge prototype deploys smart sensors and software to take care of your plants. It provides customised care to different types of plants at different growth stages as well. It is supposed to work with a companion app as and when it is released.

Go 20% greener

Conventional refrigerators that we use today need to work with refrigerants that are not environment-friendly. A prototype technology known as twistocaloric cooling uses twisting and turning of fabrics to achieve refrigeration that is 20% greener than conventional refrigerators. If developed, it can be up to 84% efficient, allowing fridge manufacturers to use refrigerants that have a lower impact.

Operate on just water

Initially launched on a crowdfunding website, the Yuma from Fenik is an example of evaporative cooling that uses no electricity and no ice at all yet manages to provide refrigeration successfully. Highly sustainable and portable, the novel refrigeration device can be useful in various situations.

Make curd for you

Going beyond just storing food, a modern fridge can take part in the making process too. Samsung’s Curd Maestro can make curd for you, provided you can prepare the milk the right way and put it in for fermentation. This eliminates the hassle of making curd in different weather conditions and prepares it with the same consistency each time.