The SpaceMax Family Hub side-by-side smart refrigerator has been launched in India this week. The refrigerator packs several useful features that range across the smart appliance spectrum. From letting you connect other smart home appliances to even watching your favourite TV show on the refrigerator, without leaving the kitchen – this refrigerator can do all that and a lot more. Here are some of its interesting features.

Home Control

This feature allows you to control and manage other smart devices in your home. This can be your smart washing machine, your smartphone or other appliances that are connected to each other.

Food Management

With the food management feature, you can check the contents of the refrigerator anytime and from anywhere – without having to open the door. This is powered by the View Inside camera, which can be accessed by a multi-finger swipe on the screen or even via the Family Hub app.

Home Entertainment

There are high quality speakers on board the hub, and it supports screen mirroring from your smartphone and your TV, allowing you to enjoy your favourite content without leaving the kitchen.

Family Connection

To stay connected with your family, this feature lets family members view each other’s schedules, leave notes and share images with each other on the hub. The schedules can be synced via Google Calender and Microsoft 365 Calendars.

Smartphone connectivity

A simple Bluetooth connection with your smartphone ensures that you don’t miss a call even when your phone’s not in the kitchen.

Voice control with Bixby

The SpaceMax Family Hub also includes Bixby support, which allows you to check the news, the weather and make calls – all with voice commands. It can also recongise individual voices and respond accordingly.

Meal planning

The advanced meal planner feature can create a customised meal plan for you on the basis of what’s available in your fridge and your dietary preferences. Based on the same, it can also create shopping lists for you.

Refrigerator app features

The regular refrigerator features can be accessed using the Samsung SmartThings app, such as the Power Cool, Power Freeze, Ice Maker and even the door open notifications.

Image Source: Samsung