Summer can be an appetite killer. All those rich aromas of piping hot food can become quite nauseating in this heat. For times like these, you need something that’s filling and refreshing. Read that as, you need a tall glass of a chilled smoothie drink to hydrate you. Here are some recipes for summer smoothies you can binge on all season.
Mango lassi smoothie
mango smoothie A go-to Indian summer drink, a mango lassi smoothie can never disappoint. Make your own version of this drink with some mango pulp, yoghurt, milk, ice and a good blender. Read the recipe here.
Banana oats smoothie
banana smoothie For a heavier smoothie that will keep you satiated all day, try the banana and oat smoothie. With some added flax seeds, curds and honey, this smoothie is a good stand-alone meal. Read the recipe here.
Strawberry and guava smoothie
strawberry smoothie When you’re running short on time, try this 5-minute strawberry and guava smoothie recipe. All you need to do is blend them all together with some milk and honey, and voila, your quick snack is ready. Also Read: Juicers to Keep You Healthy and Hydrated All Summer
Cucumber and kiwi smoothie
cucumber smoothie Nothing like cucumber to cool you down, right! Blend it with some kiwi, mint leaves, chia seeds and a few more ingredients to make a filling green smoothie. Get the recipe here.
Pomegranates and oats smoothie
pomogranate smoothie Pomegranates are naturally delicious. Mix them up with some healthy oats to make a satiating and healthy smoothie. You can find the recipe here. A good blender and juicer at hand will make making smoothies much easier. Find the right appliance for your needs below. Cover image and images:

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