With great phones come greater data usage. By that we mean your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 is using much more data than your older iPhone did. Thanks to their bigger size, resolution and nifty iOS, these phones end up using a lot of data. So, if you’ve been wondering why there’s that sudden overcharge on your monthly bill, here’s your answer. Luckily, there are several things you can do to stop your new iPhone from completely draining out your data. Also Read: How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for Summer

Manually Configure Your Social Media Apps

There’s a good chance that your social media apps are the most-used apps on your phone. They also happen to be the most data-draining apps. To control them, go to the settings of each app and make a few changes that will reduce data use. For instance, turn off the autoplay option for videos on Facebook or set it to Wi-Fi only. For Twitter, you can turn off image previews and videos. On Instagram, you can turn on the ‘Use Less Data’ option, which will cut down on data usage significantly.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

A lot of apps like email, Twitter, Facebook etc. are constantly running in the background. They refresh constantly so that you get notifications. This background app refresh takes up data too. By turning it off, you can prevent apps from zapping out your data. It will also mean you won’t be getting notifications. You’ll have to go to an app to check for notification. You can turn off background app refresh for unimportant apps.

Download Your Netflix Shows

If you’re watching a particular show and can’t stop just because you’re out of the Wi-Fi range, doesn’t mean you have to use up your precious cellular data. You can pre-download these episodes on Wi-Fi and continue watching it offline when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

Use Offline Maps

Google has an offline map option that lets you download the map of an entire area so you can use it without the internet too. If you’re traveling international and don’t want to use up your data, this is a great way to navigate having to pay for internet.

Restrict App Store Updates

App store can automatically update your apps whenever there’s an upgrade available. You can restrict it from doing so by disabling the ‘use cellular data’ option, so that the apps are updated only when the Wi-Fi is in use.

Disable Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi Assist can be a good and bad feature for your phone. When you have a weak Wi-Fi signal, this option uses cellular data to help boost the internet. This is helpful during an emergency but to leave it on all the time will cause it to use a lot of data. Disable it to avoid such unknowing loss of data. Also Read: In Search Of the Perfect Leather Bag? Here are 20

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