There were Walkmans and portable players but none of them were anything quite like the iPod. The launch of the first iPod back in 2001 changed the way we consumed music for good. It introduced to us a digital music player that could fit in entire music collections instead of those few odd songs that filled up CDs and cassettes. Back then, this new update was a miracle of sorts. This pocket-sized device could be carried wherever you went and integrated with iTunes that let you sync your music automatically to your iPod. Over the years, there were more and more features added to each new version of it. The iPod went from being a portable music player to a versatile little device. But that too was four years ago, before we went smartphone crazy. Also Read: Best Racing Games for Your iPad Smartphones might have replaced everything the iPod stood for but that doesn’t mean you leave your good old friend in a corner of a closet to wither away slowly. The iPod turns 15 today, so reclaim this classic gadget back into your lives. There’s still so much more you can get out of it. Here are a few things you can use it for even today.
Turn it into your training buddy
Give your constantly buzzing phone a break. Take your iPod for a jog instead. If you have a tiny player like the shuffle or nano, you can simple strap on the device on your clothes and head for a run. Enjoy good music without being disturbed by your phone.
Record your thoughts
With iTalk and the Belkin Voice Recorder in your iPod, you can record all your personal thoughts and notes in it. Turn it into your personal voice journal and no one will even suspect your little secret.
Use it as a security camera
With the app Manything you can convert your old iPod Touch into a security camera that alerts you if it detects movement. This is particularly helpful if you have pesky neighbours.
Use it as a baby monitor
With the app called Cloud Baby Monitor, you can connect your iPod Touch to your iPhone or Mac and keep an eye on your baby when you’re busy working in another room.
It can be a great backup device
Don’t be left phoneless if you lose or damage your iPhone. Start up your iPod Touch as a backup device. As long as you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, you can use iMessage and Skype and go on with your daily activities. You can also use other iPhone apps too, so you won’t feel like you’re missing on much. Also Read: The Best Storage Devices For Every Need
Take it to places where you can’t take your iPhone along
If you’re whipping out a messy recipe in your kitchen or fiddling with grease in your garage you might not want to take your precious iPhone in there. Instead, for all your browsing needs, take your iPod Touch with you. In the same way you can use the iPod for all your extra needs where you can’t risk taking your iPhone. Cover Image Courtesy:

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