And we're off to start another season of fashion! The week long fashion carnival that is Lakmé Fashion Week is here, bringing together the country's big names in design, media, entertainment and digital networks. From navigating through the shows all day in sky-high heels to live tweeting/IG-ing as fast as human fingers possibly can function, this is some serious business. While a lot is glossed over about how glamorous attending a runway show can be, an fashion insider worth their salt will testify otherwise. Sure there are shutterbugs a-flutter and celebs galore, but the fashion week is all about straight up business for the industry. The front row regulars have a job to do and they take it extremely seriously? Don't believe me? Here's a mind map breaking down every individual's job.


_Anna- For the editor of a magazine, fashion week is so much more than just getting photographed. This is the tie to gauge which designer is going to be the next big thing—and also to figure whose time is over.


Grace Their's is the worst job. Like the first day of Zara sale, a stylist needs to make sure they get their hands on the season's 'it' pieces before anyone else does. Which might be the reason why they're usually spotted wearing the most comfortable shoes.


Kim They're least interested in the show; their motive is to be seen. Which works perfectly for the designer as well as them – they get the media attention they need. Call it a win-win situation.


Suzy The bloggers dotting the front row are perhaps as overworked as accountants are on 31st of March. Multitasking between Tweeting, Instagramming the show and Snapchatting their own reactions to it is no easy feat.


Terry They can be spotted either bearing a look of complete disdain or at the lounge, nursing drinks all day. Illustrations by Aditi Sharma