The world will always remember Stephen Hawking as not only a high-spirited scientist who contributed to cosmology but also as a cultural icon and one of the most celebrated science communicators. Stephen Hawking wanted to put his years of research into a book to explain how far we had come in understanding the universe, and through these books he wanted to reach out to more than just the Sheldon Coopers of this world. He wanted readers! He once said he hoped to write “the sort of book that would sell in airport bookstores". And that’s what he did. His books made it into the bestseller territory. With these books, he made science seems cool again. The New York Times called Hawking's first book, A Brief History of Time, "a jaunty and absolutely clear little book" that shared his ideas about the universe "with everyone who can read." If you check Goodreads, many users have given his books a high rating and have praised it for its plain language, simplicity and general wit. Some even remarked that Stephen Hawking’s writing style kept them interested, even though they had to keep going to the World Book encyclopaedia to look up concepts and words. Here are some of his most popular books that should be on your kindle list. Read them for the love of science or just for a good read. Also Read: 5 Ways A Kindle Is Helping You Read More

A Brief History of Time

This was Stephen Hawking’s first book to hit the shelf and it’s first run sold out in the United States in a matter of days. This 200-some page book was about what was then known about origins and nature of the universe. He talks about the many theories in physics that covers everything from gravity to space-time, black holes, the Big Bang and time travel.

The Theory of Everything

Through this book, Hawking went on to explain some complex mathematical ideas in what has been described as a charming, almost childlike way. One important concept of his idea is the “beginning” of the universe and how it came to be. It offers the most complex theories about the past and present of physics to enlighten readers about the universe which we live in.

A Briefer History of Time

This book was Stephen Hawking’s response to readers who asked for a more accessible formulation of the key concepts like time, space, the role of God in creation and the history of the universe – topics he wrote about in his first book. In this book, he expands on his earlier work and also records latest developments. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Style Athleisure

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