When we first heard J. K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was being turned into a movie, we screamed bloody sell-out. Now that we’ve basked in the wonderful movie that it turned out to be, we’re actually looking forward to all the new movies from the series. Keeping that in mind, we’ve also #Querated this list of great books that have the potential of being even bigger movies. Read them as soon as you can and mark your calendars for when these movies release next year.  

The Dark Tower, Stephen King

01 books to read before they movies

Stephen King fans, behold 2017 and count down until the epic story of Roland Deschain unfolds on screen.  The last gunslinger’s fantasy story gets the big screen treatment with Idris Elba playing the titular character. If you’ve been craving to read a fantasy series with a wicked bent, you can’t go further than King’s The Dark Tower series. Cuddle up with the book ASAP if you intend to finish reading it before the movie’s release in July.  

Murder On the Orient Express, Agatha Christie

02 books to read before they movies

Murder On the Orient Express is probably Agatha Christie’s most famous work. There’s already been a movie on the classic book where her famous fictional Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, has to investigate the murder of a wealthy American travelling on the Orient Express, the most famous train in the world. The 2017 movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh (who also plays Poirot in the movie) along with a star cast comprising of Johnny Depp (who portrays the murdered American), Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Michael Pena, Daisy Ridley and Michelle Pfeiffer. Make sure you know what you’re going in for before the cast dazzles you with their performance.  

Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey

03 books to read before they movies

Recommending a movie with Kevin Hart in it is akin to playing with fire, but such is the brilliance of Dav Pilkey’s mischievous kids, George and Harold, that you can’t help but wait for the movie to release so you can enjoy their adventures on the big screen. For those of you who’re wondering what the fuss is about, go pick up any book from the Captain Underpants series.  

Jumanji, Chris Van Allsburg

04 books to read before they movies

Yep, you’ve probably seen Robin Williams’ 1995 movie Jumanji already. But did you know it was based on a book written by children’s author Chris Van Allsburg? You might as well pick up a copy of the book because a reboot of Jumanji is in the works currently, starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan. You won’t miss it on the big screen; just make sure you’ve read the book this time around.  

The Mountain Between Us, Charles Martin

05 books to read before they movies

Let’s welcome Idris Elba again. He teams up with Kate Winslet in The Mountain Between Us, based on the book by the same name written by Charles Martin, in which the duo survive a plane crash and must learn to trust each other while being badly injured. Elba plays Dr Ben Payne, a morally upright character, while Kate plays journalist Ashley Knox, a strong and independent woman. It is a love story borne inside a disaster story.  

Red Sparrow, Jason Matthews

06 books to read before they movies

Jason Matthews’ Red Sparrow is a thriller story that will make you wonder if the Cold War is truly over under Putin’s Russia and with the great American net cast over the world. The espionage thriller is more John le Carre than Robert Ludlum, with a Russian seductress and a CIA operative in the middle of all the slow action. While the movie version starring Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Irons, Joel Edgerton and Matthias Schoenaerts will be a fast-paced dash, Red Sparrow is best enjoyed as a slow read.  

Wonder, RJ Palacio

07 books to read before they movies

If there’s one movie guaranteed to make you cry in 2017, it’s the Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay-starrer Wonder. Why not soften some of that blow by reading RJ Palacio’s book that tells the uplifting tale of Auggie Pullman who was born with facial deformities and yet learns how to live a happy life after joining regular school? Wonder is a great feel-good story that is as important for adults as it is vital for children.  

The Circle, Dave Eggers

08 books to read before they movies

The Circle tells a disturbing story about the perils of the Internet, loss of privacy and leaving a trail of bread crumbs for anyone to look into your life. Loosely based on Google, the dystopian book is simply written and the characters – played by Emma Watson and Tom Hanks in the movie version – are mostly flat, which in a curious way only serves to highlight the aforementioned theme of the book.  

Live by Night, Dennis Lehane

09 books to read before they movies

Prohibition, sex, drugs, mob bosses, guns and jazz in 1920s America, Dennis Lehane’s Live By Night has it all, and then some. A violent version of The Great Gatsby, Lehane’s book centres on the story of mobster Joe Coughlin, the son of prominent Boston police captain Thomas Coughlin. Lehane’s writing style is likely to be translated visually on the big screen by director, screenwriter and lead actor Ben Affleck.  

The Sense of an Ending, Julian Barnes

10 books to read before they movies

This Booker-Prize-winning book by Julian Barnes is worth picking up just to savour his wondrous prose. Indeed, the story of The Sense Of An Ending can seem like just any other story of a man who is out of sync with the feelings of those around him and has to ultimately own up to them. But when the parallel stories strike, Barnes’ book moves into truly spectacular territory. The best part? The movie, starring Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling and Emily Mortimer, is directed by none other than our very own Ritesh Batra!


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