Paperbacks are great but can we all agree that lugging them around can become a bit of a burden. For such reasons and more, people have begun making the switch, to e-readers.

Now you may argue that the experience is not the same but it’s technology guys, you can expect it to be better than the old ways. Most of the e-readers use technology which makes it really convenient for you read and is doesn’t harm your eyes either. Plus, you’ll be carrying just one device and have access to multiple books. Carry it while you holiday or make your way through a crowded train, you can read with complete ease using this gadget.

So on this ‘Read a book day’ how about you make the switch too? Here are 5 e-readers to pick from.

Kindle Voyage
Kindle Voyage AMZN1013 Ebook Reader Wi - Fi


The Kindle voyage is one of the best e-readers out there. It is a slim device with extremely crisp, paper-like display. It also has a built-in light that adjusts to the surroundings. The page-turning function of this gadget is pretty swift too, letting you turn pages without lifting a finger.

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Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi with Built-in Light


With its latest update, the Kindle Paperwhite is almost as good as the Voyage. It has a no glare screen which makes reading easy even in the sunlight. Additionally, a single charge can last over weeks.


All New Kindle Basic
All New Kindle Basic


The All New Kindle is 11 per cent thinner and 16 per cent lighter than its previous version which makes it more convenient to use. Added features like no glare screen, no blue light and amazing battery life makes it a total delight.

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Apple iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Air 2


This tablet may not give you the crisp paper quality but it does have really good colour quality that makes it ideal for reading graphic novel, comics and magazines. Since it’s just a tablet that duals up as an e-reader you may not get the added features of a designated e-reader. However, you will have access to Apple’s iBook catalogue, which is amazing.

Apple iPad mini
Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB (


Like the iPad Air 2, the mini is also a good tablet device to read e-books. In addition to that it also has a retina display feature that packs pixels closely together making it much easier to read on it.

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