“Hey bro, did you skip leg day?” is the one question that haunts most fitness enthusiasts. However, according to the brains behind Steel Gym in Hyderabad – health and fitness coach Kunal Gir – skipping leg day isn’t the end of the world. And we’d take his advice seriously, because Gir is the perfectionist who oversaw Rana Daggubati’s incredible physical transformation into the fearsome Bhallaladeva for Baahubali 2.

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“When I first began working with Rana, I quickly assessed that his back and shoulders were already quite well-developed, so we chose to focus on those parts of his body which needed improvement. For Baahubali 2, Rana only worked out his chest and arms and nothing else. In fact, those were the only two muscle groups we trained for almost an entire year,” Gir reveals. While this theory goes against everything we know about body building, it does make sense. SO as Gir reveals the secrets behind Rana’s awesomely fearsomely muscular body, you can note. Like this article? Also read: Prize Finds: 17 Things That Are At 70% Off

Choose a Physique That Works for You

The first step to body transformation is to paint a mental image of what kind of physique you’d like for yourself. The simplest way to do this is to decide who you want to look like – it could be an actor, sportsperson, or anyone else whose physique you would like to attain. However, Gir has sound advice for anyone trying this approach, “Pick someone of your own height and build. If you’re 5”10’, don’t try and be like someone who’s 6”6’. Instead, choose someone close to your height and body type.”
When it comes to fitness, I’m not simply sharing my opinion and expecting you to believe me. I’m just a messenger whose role is interpreting scientific data and convey it to you in a way that you’ll understand. Kunal Gir, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Once you know what you want to look like, analyse your own body in comparison with your desired physique, and see what’s lacking. Is the chest comparable? Is the back comparable? In other words, list your weaknesses and your strengths. Once you’ve done that, Gir’s advice is to work on your weaknesses more than your strengths because “too many people do the opposite. They train the body parts which are already well-developed. If you’re good at bench-pressing, don’t just keep bench-pressing; instead, work on your shoulders and the parts of you which need improvement.” Like this article? Also read: 5 Reasons This Is the Best Time to Buy That Samsung Gadget You've Always Wanted

Know How Your Body Works

Contrary to popular belief, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ workout regimen. Everyone’s body is different and must be addressed as such. Gir’s favourite example to illustrate this need is the deep squat: “This particular move can only be executed by people who have a shorter thigh bone. If you have a long thigh bone, there is a limit to the depth to which you can squat without being forced (by the limitations of your own body) to bend your back or lift your heels off the ground. And this is all due to the unique biomechanical limitations of your own body.” Therefore, designing a workout regimen which is optimal for how your body is built is of the utmost importance.
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The deep squat is not suitable for all body types

Invest in Knowledge

While we all wish we could achieve the physique of our dreams overnight and completely on our own steam – that’s a pipe dream. And when it comes to an approach such as this one, which advocates ignoring (or, at the very least, under-training) certain muscle groups to achieve visual symmetry or pre-determined strength goals, it’s best to work with someone who knows exactly what they’re doing so that you don’t injure yourself or waste time on an ineffective approach. Gir is all about the studied science of fitness and nutrition. Occasionally, however, he encounters people who are hesitant to try this approach, because it’s contradictory to the limited knowledge they possess about working out. And Gir believes that’s understandable, but he does have this to say: “When it comes to fitness, I’m not simply sharing my opinion and expecting you to believe me. I’m just a messenger whose role is interpreting scientific data and convey it to you in a way that you’ll understand. You should follow what I’m saying because I’m telling you the truth and I can support everything I say with science.” We’re inclined to believe Gir, because he’s now taking this same scientific approach to work on his next client from Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor. Like this article? Also read: How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Session Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/@ranadaggubati