Outside of gravity, the pressure to upgrade to a new model of TV every few years is probably one of the strongest natural forces known to man. And just like gravity, it sucks us all in, one way or another.

Bought a flatscreen? Better junk it, because LCDs are thinner and sexier. Wait, hold on, turns out LEDs are more power efficient… you care about the planet don’t you? Well, it doesn’t matter because the planet’s dying anyway. Make sure you catch the end of times in true 4K.

Of course, these are all battles that we’ve already fought and lost. The point of contention now, is the impending Smart TV revolution. Having a TV that can go beyond cable and satellite content is undeniably useful, but it isn’t worth another mortgage. Here’s five cheap ways to give your dumb TV an IQ boost.

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Being cheap isn’t a character flaw, it’s just a state of being. So dealing with a tangled wire and making space for the laptop and configuring resolution settings and ensuring that the lid is shut to the exact angle every single time can be a hassle. But when the entire setup costs less than a single movie ticket, it somehow doesn’t pinch as much.

Chromecast 2

Chromecast 2
Google’s tiny streaming stick allows you to project your browser window on to your TV using WiFi. This is by far the simplest and most comprehensive brain boost you can give your TV on a budget.


If you’d rather not bother with a computer every time you want to use your TV, the Teewe stick might be the answer for you. It can stream content from a computer or a mobile device, but it can also function independently, connecting directly to YouTube and other streaming services over WiFi.


Ok, so your TV isn’t the brightest in its class. But it might possibly have some special abilities hidden away that you didn’t know about. If your TV has a Miracast or DLNA sticker somewhere on its body, that means it can stream content from a computer or mobile device all by itself.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
For those of you who like to DIY, look no further than the barebones Pi. Like all the other options listed here, it is easy on the wallet, but it also requires a certain level of technical expertise – not to mention enthusiasm – to set up. In the right hands, the Pi can be transformed into an all-powerful media center. Of course, if you’re geeky enough to pick this option, there’s a possibility you might enjoy the process of setting it up far more than actually using it.

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