So, you have your shiny new iPad, lets make it the iPad Pro and now you want to know about the best racing games that you could play on it. Well, you have veered into just the right place. Here are three of our favourites that will ensure you get hooked on to your new tablet.

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First up its CSR2, which looks completely unassuming when you look at it on the Appstore but I decided to give it a try anyways. It was only after I installed that I realised how well it has been made end to end. The game has never crashed yet and it absolutely nails things when it comes to offering a simple yet hyper-addictive gameplay. Then there is the eye-popping imagery that will have you drop your jaws as you move up ranks, gaining RP points and buying better cars. Each of the vehicles are exquisitely designed and modelled. The cars even sound the part. If you always had that penchant for drag racing, but cannot afford a real car yet, you need to play CSR2 right about now. This is one heck of an addictive racing sim and you get free fuel too.

CSR2 ipad game

However, if you like a bit of realism when you streak past other cars around a track, it’s GT Racing 2 for you then. This iPad game features great driving dynamics and a huge collection of cars. I quite like its multiplay gameplay too. However there is one major annoyance with this game and it’s when you need to you upgrade your vehicle. It not only takes time but you even need to hire a mechanic by purchasing premium money. It is the only thing that comes in the way of an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable title that offers a superb multiplayer experience too.

GT Racing 2 ipad game

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Asphalt 8: Airborne is yet another title from Gameloft that absolutely blows us away with its fluid gameplay and incredible graphics. You can choose from a 7 star dessert selection of cars as you move up the career mode and boy oh boy, does the game engage you. Nope this is not a simulation, it’s a high-octane arcade style racing mayhem that grabs you by the neck and plunges you into the driving seat of some of the most exotic cars on the planet. You can leap your cars through broken bridges, do a 360 ballet in mid air, or even take out opponents in way that blissfully satisfies you down to your soul. Prepare for endless hours of gaming once you download this highly addictive iPad game.

Asphalt 8 ipad game

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