Indian politicians today receive a lot of flak. Not that they don’t deserve it – most politicians seem to say things just for a headline or to get a reaction, but things weren’t always like this. In the past, we’ve had legendary leaders who were bent on one thing and one thing only – the success of India as a sovereign nation. Our leaders of the past weren’t afraid to speak their mind, nor were they at a loss for words when it came to delivering some of the most inspiring quotes in history. Here are some quotes that make us proud to be Indian:  

Bal Gangadhar Tilak would be disappointed with the excuses we make for the problems we face as a nation:

01 Tilak inspiring quotes indian leaders


Subhash Chandra Bose on why we shouldn’t fear death:

02 Bose inspiring quotes indian leaders


BR Ambedkar’s wise words on how we should live our lives:

03 Ambedkar inspiring quotes indian leaders


Sardar Patel reminds us why the current climate of communalism and regionalism is destructive:

04 Sardar Patel inspiring quotes indian leaders

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Jawaharlal Nehru gave this iconic speech that every Indian knows:

05 Nehru inspiring quotes indian leaders


Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw had this to say about the politicians of his time:

06 Maneckshaw inspiring quotes indian leaders


Although we did have one notable exception in the recent past – APJ Abdul Kalam:

07 APJ Kalam inspiring quotes indian leaders


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