You can go a whole day without sleep but there’s no way you can pull through without your gadgets. Everyone needs their phone, because how else will you stay connected and bond over shared memes. Likewise, gadgets in your homes, especially in the kitchen, keeps life on track and you on time. Talking about gadgets that make her life simper, model and TV anchor Paloma Monnappa gives us a quickie about her tech dependables.


Go-to gadget



Because connectivity is a must.

What for?

You can rely on apps for everything. Can you imagine traveling without Google Maps and Uber? Also, how does one hear a good song and get over it without knowing its name? Shazam is everything for people like me, discovering new songs everywhere I go.

If not the iPhone, then what?

The next best thing—an iPod. It can be very useful for music lovers and people who are constantly travelling, especially if your iPhone doesn't have enough space.

Health + Gadget = ?

Juicer! Staying hydrated is a must, whether you get a little H2O therapy or just plain old healthy juices.