I don't know about you but to me, life is essentially one long search for that elusive perfect handbag. I travel with my world in my handbag, as any woman with a day job does, and I hate to say this but size does matter. You want your work bag to be big enough to accommodate all your essentials (wallets, gadgets, a book, extra pair of shoes, what have you) yet leave room for more. However you don't want it to be so big that if you enter a bank, you'd be the first suspect in case of a heist. QUERATOR Fashion designer and fitness guru Bhumika Grover knows a thing or two about the bag dilemma. As a working woman constantly on the run, the importance of a statement handbag that's also big on functionality is not lost on her. " I always carry a big bag at work because I can't do without my basic essentials on the go," she says. Downsizing is not not an option for her or us lesser mortals. She believes the fundamentals of a good handbag are the right size, a neutral colour and a structured shape that retains. The perfect handbag might be a wild goose chase but getting these check-boxes ticked might just be the first step.
Structured Bag

Bhumika's Handbag Essentials

Ask a person to downsize her handbag and you'll be asking for trouble. If push came to shove, though, these are the essentials Bhumika just cannot do without.
  • My planner is a must, yes I am kinda old school and I need to carry it with me all the time too.
  • My wallet since I need to buy that coffee at least few times a day when I am on the move.
  • My pencils and pen to sketch all the time lest inspiration strikes me out of nowhere.
  • Lip balm is a must and a small perfume bottle as I love smelling good all the time.
  • My sunglasses not just when it's sunny but even when I haven't slept enough I can wear them and sleep without anyone watching me while at work, power naps keep me going.
  • My hair brush ,some mint and a hand sanitizer must be there all the time
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