A PS4 is not just a gaming console, it is an overall entertainment system. On days when you’re too tired to continue that ‘boss level’ you’ve been stuck at, give yourself a timeout by streaming a movie or music on your PS4. There’s so much you can do on your PS4, here’s how you can make the most of your gaming console.

Livestream gameplays

Can’t get through a game, watch gameplays broadcasted by fellow PS4 gamers with Twitch. Twitch is a social video platform for gamers where visitors use it to watch, interact and stream their own games. The broadcast experience here is much better than YouTube and you know you’ll find relevant stuff since Twitch is all about uniting gamers. You can use Twitch here or download their app here. Also Read: #SureThing: The Sony Playstation 4

Netflix and chill

A smart TV is not the only way you can use Netflix on the big screen. You can connect your PS4 and stream it through your gaming console too. Get access to some of the leading shows and popular movies with Netflix. Check Netflix out here. Also Read: Alternate Movie Streaming Options, When You’re Too Broke for Netflix

YouTube everything

For all your other streaming needs, there’s always YouTube that you can access from your PS4 too. You can watch a documentary on your big screen or play music on your TV through your gaming console. You can use YouTube directly from PS4’s internet browser or the app available on Playstation store.

Stream media from any device

If you don’t have your movies, shows or music in your PS4, you can stream them to your console without any hassle. Use the Plex server that will seamlessly stream your own collection from your smartphone or laptop. To use Plex, you need to download the app on your computer or network attached storage device and it will scan your media and present to you an organised Plex library that you can access through your other devices too. Also Read: How to Make the Most Of Your TV In 2017