It's October, and incredibly hot. Again. Yet if you thought this heat wave was hard on you, somewhere in your bag, pocket or at home lies a gadget that is struggling to cope with this sweltering weather too. All kinds of devices, right from your smartphone and laptop to your Kindle, AC and refrigerator are all affected by the rising temperature. And if you don’t take appropriate measures to keep them protected, they will begin to deteriorate and run less efficiently, or worse, break down on you. To avoid such tech failures, here are some tips to keep your gadgets protected in this second coming of summer.

Tips for smartphones and tablets

Of all the devices, smartphones and tablets are more likely to be exposed to the heat outside since they’re constantly by your side. Here’s how you can prevent them from heating up.
  • To state the obvious, keep them away from direct sun exposure. Carry them in a bag and make sure the bag itself isn’t getting heated up in the sun.
  • Turn off some features to lessen the internal load on the device. If your phone and tab keep running these apps and features, they're already producing heat, which gets worse when they're in hot environments. Try to use these gadgets as little as possible when you’re in the scorching heat outside.
  • Give your smartphone and tablet some breathing space by removing the protective case. As important as a case is to your device, it suffocates the gadget in the heat, causing it to overheat.
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Tips for laptops

Laptops are prone to overheating too, and it only gets worse when it's very warm. Here are some tips for your laptops:
  • Even though your laptop is safe in a backpack, never leave it in a car since this metal-framed machine can get pretty baked in the sun.
  • Leaving it near a window can be just as bad, since the strong sunlight can affect your gadget even in an air-conditioned room.
  • Invest in a cooling pad for your laptop as it allows better airflow underneath to dissipate the heat.
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Tips for home gadgets

Home gadgets like the air conditioner and refrigerator have to work harder in the hot season. Keeping these gadgets well-maintained will ensure they survive the heat and continue to keep you, and your food, cool.  Here’s how you can take care of these gadgets.
  • Clean out the filter and condenser coils of the air conditioner regularly for it to run smoothly.
  • Check the outdoor unit for dirt, debris or other blockages that may be encroaching on it and hampering the AC's air flow.
  • Having an additional dehumidifier, especially if you live in a coastal area can take some pressure off the AC.
  • As for your refrigerator, firstly, make sure it isn’t placed close to a window that will expose it to direct sunlight.
  • Also, make sure the refrigerator isn’t too close to the wall as this hampers air circulation and causes heat to build up.
  • There are a few other things you can do to ensure your refrigerator runs smoothly, like cleaning it often, not overfilling it etc. Read more about it here.
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