Most red carpets are nothing but a voyeuristic take on fashion—and more often than not, these are clothes you and I can never wear. By that logic, listing the best and worst dressed is a futile exercise and it's about time we stopped dissecting celeb fashion this way. Instead, what we can do is find inspiration where we should expect it - on the stage. Yes, it might be too early to plan our Halloween outfits—it's barely just Valentine's Day and peeps are busy planning their date night outfits—but hey, when inspiration walks down the red carpet asking to be taken seriously, you obey. Here are some costume ideas courtesy Grammys 2017. Watch and learn, you guys.

Preggers Jessica Rabbit

Trust Queen Bey to give us lesser mortals some serious sartorial inspo. Don't be afraid to pull off a sexy sequined red dress even if you're preggers with twins, ladies.

Darth Punk

Can't decide if you want to go as Darth Vader or Daft Punk. Well, the later show you how to be whatever you want to be.

Jack-o'-lantern Dressed As Rihanna

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See? It's not just us. Even RiRi is excited about Halloween in February!

Cee 3PO

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Is it us or was everyone on the Grammy's red carpet a tad too obsessed with Star Wars? Cee Lo Green deciding to channel his inner C3PO albeit with oodles of swag was, at the same time, refreshing and confusing.

Morticia Batman

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Frankly, we're all a bit bored of seeing girls (closest friends included) showing up as Morticia Addams at Halloween parties. Turns out, so is Adele. Her spin on this classic—the addition of a simple Batman-approved cape—has our seal of approval.

Queen Beyoncé

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