Are you one of those many people who goes gaga over ethnic Indian prints and hues that are totally trending these days? Then welcome to this article that’s going to take you through all the Indian fabric prints so that you are a novice no more. This tutorial will help you get to know your prints better and pick your favourites with ease as per your need.


This print has its origin in Rajasthan and is made using natural dyes with block printing technique. Baghru prints will mostly consist of flowers, motifs, leaves, freehand patterns and even some modern design that appeal to all kinds of buyers. Make a long kurta or get a quirky off shoulder top stitched with this fabric that will surely up your style-quotient.


The traditional method of printing on cotton is known as Ajrakh and has its origin in the Sindh civilization. Today the Kutch and Rajasthan regions are famous for this producing fabric with this print that takes fourteen steps to finally complete the process. Ajrakh cloth kurtas are in vogue but you’ll also find bed sheets, pillow covers and table clothes in this fabric.


One of the most famous printed fabrics is Bandhani which is made using the tie and dye technique of colouring the cloth. Famous in Rajasthan Bandhani Salwar suits, saris and dupattas are an all-time favourite. In fact various materials are also experimented with giving birth to a beautiful riot of colours on cloth. To stand out with Bandhani wear a dupatta of this print on a single solid colour ensemble.


Another form of cloth printing similar to bandhani is Ikkat that uses the dyeing technique to create pretty patterns on fabric. Here the fabric is tied together and then dipped into die to bring out a unique pattern. The most essential characteristic of this textile is the blurred print that in itself is a pattern.


Dabu printing is done with the hand-block printing technique that also uses the dabu paste made from clay, saw dust and guar gum. It is a unique form of art that is practiced most in the states of Rajasthan even today.

Sanganeri prints

Sanganeri prints that are famous for their bold designs are made by using the hand-block printing technique. This was first originated in Sanganer, a village in Rajasthan hence its name. Sanganeri print bed sheets are pretty famous.


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Just like bandhani, Leheriya print is also block printing on plain fabric but the technique used is different. In leheriya a special variety of tie and die trick is used to create diagonal stripes on various materials that enhances the effect of the print.


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Batik printing creates beautiful imagery on plain cloth with a slightly different technique. This resist dyeing is an ancient art form that is resisted by many. This printed cloth is then used for various purposes especially in clothing. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock Cover Image: Pinterest