Reading and browsing on your smartphone or tablet in the dark of the night is bad for your eyes. But you probably already know that; and you’re not going to stop. So, we’re not going to tell you that either. Instead, here are some quick hacks to follow to prevent eye strain or at least reduce it when using your gadgets in the dark.
Reduce the brightness of the screen
Most gadgets including smartphones, tablets and laptops have a screen brightness option. You can access it and lower the brightness to minimum so that it’s just enough to see and yet won’t reflect bright rays into your eyes. Also Read: Fascinating Android Features You’re Probably Not Using, But Should!
Switch to the dark side when reading
Reading in the dark can be absolutely the worst thing to do but isn’t it also the most ideal time to read? This can be tackled by switching to the “night mode” that comes equipped in most e-reading apps such as the oyster e-reader or the kindle app. Or better yet, read on a real kindle as these gadgets have an in-built night mode that make reading at night easy. hacked
Make your monitor eye-friendly
The blue light emitted from your monitor can cause your eyes great strain when you work at night. To make it easier on your eyes, you can go to settings and tweak with them. You can change the brightness and contrast levels or just change the display settings. You can also download and install f.lux on your desktop that will automatically adjust your display according to the time of the day. All you have to do is pick a colour scheme, your wake-up time and set your location. The app will do the rest in the background without you being bothered by it. f.lux is free and available for Mac, Windows, Linux, jailbroken iOS devices, and rooted Android devices.
Night Shift on iOS
iPhones updated with iOS 9.3 have an added feature just like f.lux that lets you switch to Night Shift mode and then you can access all the apps, games and browse too with this default eye-friendly mode.
Twilight or Bluelight Filter for Android
If you have a non-rooted Android smartphone you too can use f.lux features by installing Twilight or Bluelight Filter apps that use the same feature of reducing the blue light emission and synchronising with the sun cycle. Cover Image Courtesy: