Microsoft PowerPoint has been around for over 25 years. From school to college, we’ve all relied on PowerPoint and have shared a sort of a love-hate relationship with it. Even today there are millions of people who still use this tool for their presentations, even though we’re no longer limited to it. Today, there are a bunch of presentation creators that are just as good or even better. Here’s a roundup of some of the handy yet free presentation tools you can use to make stunning presentations.
prezi This tool lets you create and present your ideas on a large and zoomable virtual canvas. All you have to do is arrange your videos, images and ideas on this canvas and let them naturally flow as they tell your story. Prezi stands out because of its concept of Pathway Points that give a visual cinematic appeal to the presentation instead of the old-school use of slides. You can use it on multiple devices including desktop, iPad, iPhone and on Cloud too. Check it out
sliderocket If you like to impress your audience with killer features then this should be your go-to tool. SlideRocket which is now acquired by ClearSlide lets you create and manage presentations that you can import from PowerPoint and Google too. Apart from adding videos and images, you can embed interactive content such as your Twitter feed too. It has options to add effects to almost every element of the presentation. Check it out Also Read: 7 Super Stylish Windows Laptops
slides Slides is a lot like Prezi where you create presentations called decks. It lets you add everything from texts, images, tables and codes that can be individually edited. You can then share it publicaly or privately. You can also export presentations for offline viewing or broadcast them in real time. Check it out
Haiku Deck
haiku deck Make impressive presentation with this simple-to-use presentation tool. It offers a bunch of templates to create specific kinds of presentations such as social media reports, press releases, professional profiles etc. It also lets you access over 40 million Creative Commons images that you can use in your presentation. A standout feature about this tool is Zuru (beta) that uses artificial intelligence to transform PowerPoint files into amazing presentations. Check it out
powtoon This might not be the easiest tool to use but it certainly is something that lets you get as creative as you want. It has hundreds of templates for every occasion. It lets you add audio, video, graphs, shapes and various transitions and animations to the slides as well. You can upload your slides directly to YouTube or Vimeo or download them as PDFs and Mp4s. Check it out