We love the camel here at #QueMag. Not only is it our mascot, but it’s proved time and again to be our spirit animal in mind and body (#WhatIsExercise). So we’re celebrating World Camel Day – it’s today – and was instated to raise awareness of camels and of their ‘contributions to society’ as a species. Which is great, because we’ve noticed a lot of ways they have slowly crept into every facet of our lives. Let’s take a look at the #camelvasion  

Colour Me Camel

camel coat In 1951, Collier’s an American magazine that reported ‘fiction, fact, sensation, wit, humor, news’ carried a story on the polo coat, aka the camel hair coat, best worn in the summer; obviously, it’s camel-coloured. Obviously, it is now a style staple –InStyle calls it a must-have, especially in transitional weather. It’s even considered a luxury colour and is now on everything - even your shoes  

Light Up with Camel

camel cigarettes

Camel is one of the world’s most popular brands of cigarettes. You know, the things you really, really aren’t supposed to be smoking for your own good? Here’s a #TIL factoid, Winston-Salem in North Carolina, USA, where the brand was founded, is called Camel City, after its super famous export.  

Drink a Camel at Cocktail Hour

copper camel shots

Have you ever heard of the Copper Camel shot? It’s absolutely delicious and one of the easiest things to make. All you need is one part Baileys Irish Cream and one part Butterscotch Schnapps. Mix well. Then down it. #Camelkazi  

Do the Camel

camel yoga

Have you ever done The Camel? The yoga pose, we mean. It’s designed to stretch out your entire upper body, while you become one with the universe and learn to accept that up-and-down humps are part of life.  

Remember Camel?

camel stationery

Every Indian kid who grew up in the 90s will have carried one of these Camel Scholar boxes in his/her school bag. They made drawing pie charts and Trapezoid rectangles a breeze. And who can forget the Camel crayons that we would use to draw on absolutely everything with!   Like we said, we love the camel. And that love is so much more on World Camel Day. How can you not love a face like this?

cutie camel


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Cover Image, camel coat, copper camel and camel yoga image courtesies: Shutterstock.com