Strapping on a regular watch will only tell you time, but having a smartwatch will help you save time and do more. From checking your incoming notifications to managing your playlist, you can now get things done quicker through your smartwatch, without even having to pull out your phone. Here’s how you can make the most out of it.

Answer calls

Once you connect your smartwatch to your smartphone, you can use it to answer calls without having to even look for your phone. You can use it to make calls and decline them too. You can also plug in a microphone to continue a conversation when your hands are busy and the phone isn’t accessible.

Get notified

Get your notifications sent to your wrist so that you can decide if they’re important enough to check on your phone. It saves you a lot of time from having to check your phone every time it beeps.

Stay connected to your phone without being rude

It's rude to keep looking at your phone when you’re on a date or in the middle of a meeting. Instead, connect your smartwatch and check your notifications with a quick glance that’s subtle.

Count calories

You don’t need a separate fitness tracker when you strap on one of these. All smartwatches can count steps and give you details like steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered etc. like any tracker.


You can use it as a GPS navigator too. Instead of staring at your phone, you can now quickly look at your wrist right in front of you so you don’t lose focus of the road ahead. Depending on what operating system you have, you can use “Ok Goole” or “Siri” to help you navigate too, through your smartwatch.

Control music

Your smartwatch is connected to your smartphone and the music player in it. Every time you want to skip a song or change playlists, control it directly from your smartwatch. This can be particularly helpful when exercising or running or when stuck in a cramped train.

Control your smart home

You can also connect your smartwatch to your smart home devices to do stuff like, switch off the light, lock the doors, turn on the AC or TV and more. Have you tried using all these functions of a smartwatch yet? Also Read: #SureThing: Fastrack’s Debutant Smartwatch, The Reflex

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