There are two kinds of people in the world - those who wear prints and those who steer clear away from its path like they have a restraining order against it. We can't blame them - prints can be tricky to pull off. The only compromise between the two extremes is to go with stripes. Not that they aren't a perennial, but stripes are dominating the runway and the high street this season like no other trend. The iterations are many but the premise is simple: take all your outfits with a side of stripes. From classic pinstriped workwear to bold, modish stripes, this is the trend to try right now. Below are three ways to wear it.

Stripe on Stripe

Stripe on STripe Model is wearing: shirt, Vero Moda; skirt, Nuon; bag, Baggit Don't shy away from ODing on it, pair your classic pinstriped shirt with another striped separate. If you want this to work right, try finding stripes of varying widths and while sticking to the same colour theme. Incorporate other micro trends like patches.

Geometric Progression

Geometric Model is wearing: dress, Oasis; shirt, Vero Moda; watch Fossil; bag, Caprese Breton and vertical stripes are passé. The new way to adopt this trend is to find exciting striped patterns. Again, stripes of varying width and colours break predictability patterns. Add contrasting elements like a military jacket and leather accessories to make this trend work.

Bringin' Sixties Back

Mod Model is wearing: dress, Vero Moda The OG purveyors of this trend were the Mod girls from the 1960s. It's only fitting that you pay them an homage in a mini dress with broad stripes. Play with colours and equally retro accessories like oversized sunglasses and platform heels. So go ahead, have fun with the trend this summer and wear your stripes with pride. Photographs by Rohan Hande; Model: Carolina (TFM); Hair and Make-up: Junior Quieros (Inega Modelling Management); Production: Apoorva Singh; Styling: Kavisa Rebello; Fashion Assistant: Nicole Fernandes; Video by Silver Lining Productions

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