As people break the monotony by getting creative in the kitchen, the internet gets its dose of fascinating new food trends. We all miss our favourite restaurant dish and trends show that when it comes to eating through a crisis, everyone across the globe is reacting in a similar way. Though the pandemic has put restrictions on everyone, people are now brushing up their chef skills to showcase their innovative and artistic side. There is fresh baking in the kitchen and good old coffee is getting fancier every day along with a lot of other delicious experiments. Ahead, we put together the most popular food trends that everyone is cooking up and talking about currently.

Dalgona Coffee

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Walking into your regular coffee shop and ordering your favourite is no more a norm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t brew a fresh cup of coffee in the comfort of your home and give it a bistro-style presentation. Try out the new Dalgona Coffee trend that become an instant sensation. It is super simple to make, looks luscious and tastes divine. All you need to do is whip up equal parts coffee, hot water and sugar till creamy and add chilled milk over it. Top it with honey, coco or coffee powder to take it a notch higher.

Garden Focaccia

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Among all the pandemic dishes that have been a hit, this is the most beautiful one. Sourdough might be the social media king, but focaccia decked with colourful veggies has made quite a splash on Instagram with its gorgeous aesthetic. Focaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread that is simple and light, the perfect side dish to take you to the main dish. But now it's also the perfect canvas to swirl scallion stalks as stems, cherry tomatoes as blooms, yellow pepper as sunflowers and olives as buds that brings a beautiful spring garden indoors.

Fresh Salad

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A healthy wholesome meal is always in trend, but now more than ever before. Gone are the days when a salad was bland. With a variety of recipes now available, you can change the way you have your salads. Green leaves layered with fresh vegetable tossed in rich flavours and dressed in the topping of your choice makes the new age salad a delicious meal that you will look forward to having. It's loaded with essential nutrients, keeps you healthy and away from unwanted calories.

Potato Croquettes

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The French version of the Indian aloo tikki has been the most popular appetizer served around the world during this time. Crunchy, crispy and comforting, the hot potato croquettes is the perfect indulgent recipe that’s good for the soul. Soft and potato-y, the best thing about these croquettes is that you can toss leftover veggies into mashed potatoes and make a delicious snack time dish out of it the next day. Once you get a hang of it, you can even work around the recipe to make variations of it to suit your taste.

Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

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Stacks of these delicious souffle pancakes might have already taken over your Instagram feed and rightly so, since they are the current obsession that even chefs approve of delightfully. Light, fluffy and flavourful, these are different than your usual pancakes and is quite easy to make. Top it with maple syrup, honey or cream and load it with fresh berries to make yourself a hearty breakfast recipe.

Banana Bread

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With bread loaves going off the racks in stores, people have started making their own breads at home. And thanks to the new banana bread trend, you can now bake your own bread with wheat flour, banana and your favourite assortment of nuts for an extra crunch. Layer each piece with fruit jam, peanut butter or have it as is for a quick and comforting brunch.