Ads on apps and android browsers are annoying yet an integral part of the facilities you’re using. As most of these websites and apps provide you free service and content, there has to be a catch for using it, right? That’s where these ads come in. Many brands and companies act as sponsors to the applications and websites and in turn, they advertise themselves through those pesky pop-ups. Sounds like a fair deal to keep using this product for free, right? Sure, in an ideal world. But for people smarter than that, there are ways to bend the rules and skip those ads for good. Here are a few ways to do it. Also Read: App Like a Mumbaikar: 7 Apps to Make Life Easy in the City
Use Opera Browser
The easiest remedy to rid yourself of website ads is to use the Opera browser for surfing the net on your smartphone. This browser has a built-in ad blocker which will do that trick for you. You can download the Opera browser here.
You can block ads on Chrome too
Though it does not come with a default setting, chrome has an option to block ads too. Click on the three dots menu icon and go to settings. Look for site settings in the advanced section and go to the pop-ups option where you can block ads. This will take care of all the websites ads you encounter while surfing. This does not work for app ads, so you’ll need something more for it.
Ad Block Plus for ads in apps and games
Having the AdBlock Plus app will ensure you never see another Ad while using apps. However, Google has tried to outsmart us and has banned most of these ad blockers. So, you can download the APK file off the internet and then install it into your smartphone using file manager. Depending on if you’re using a rooted or non-rooted device, you can give the app required permissions and set up proxy before you use it. You can follow these instructions to set up the app. Once you’re done, it will block all ads. You can also venture further with more options to set up specific ad filters.
Compress data to poof away website ads
The data saving option on Chrome compresses several aspects on the web page that aren’t required to save data, including those ads that interrupt and use up unnecessary MBs. Also Read: Mirai is On the Loose and You Should Care
For push notification ads
AppBrain Ad Detector isn’t typically an ad blocker but it’s a great app to detect other forms of ads like push notifications and desktop icon spam ads. It also helps protect you against apps that gather your personal details like location, contacts and accounts, and pass it to third parties. It gives you total control on all kinds of permissions your apps have. Cover Image Courtesy: