No doubt, a classic clean white kitchen has always been a soothing sight but sometimes it may get a little too plain, almost bordering on dull. Adding some bright hues can go a long way in changing the mood of this room. A splash of colour can really wake you up when you drag yourself in there to make your morning brew. You don’t really have to change your white walls completely but a little colour can add an energising aura. Here are a few ways to make your kitchen pop.

Get Bold With Your Appliances

blender Appliances aren’t just functional gadgets anymore, colourful belnders, elegantly designed mixers and coloured refrigerators are a matter of aesthetic sensibilities. They can add the element of interest and charm to the space you allot them. Many manufacturers these days are going bold with their appliance palettes too with colours like red, blue, orange and more, so you have many options to pick from. Also Read: Ingenious Essentials: 5 Kitchen Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed  

Create a Colourful Focal Point

refrigerator In a white kitchen, a bright coloured focal point can become a statement feature. It could be a blue refrigerator or a cooking range or just a door. Even a small design change like this can draw all eyes to your kitchen, making it stand out. Also Read: How To Take Care Of Your Denims  

Go Pop

microwave Dramatic bright colours like red, blue, green and yellow are impactful alright but subtle tones can be just as eye-catching. Adding tints of gold and silver can keep a white kitchen elegant with just about the right touch of interest too. Think gold and silver coloured gadgets like an induction cooktop or a refrigerator or juicer or microwave. Browse through these below mentioned appliances for some colourspiration for your kitchen. Also Read: India’s Hottest New Tourist Destinations in 2017 Cover Image Courtesy:; Images Courtesy:

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