Not even a month has passed since Pokémon Go has launched and it has broken the internet.  Everyone's talking about the game and many are in a hunting frenzy. The game can be downloaded free via the app stores (not out in India officially though) and it is setting the popularity charts on fire. With eager players looking for characters (monsters) from the game, under their cars, behind office desks and out on the road. Apart from some truly bizarre situations that anyone playing the game has landed up in, Pokémon Go has also been a victim of major hoaxes worldwide. With websites reporting highway pileups caused due to players trying to nab the game’s elusive characters on the freeways and more! Which brings us to the point of playing the game here, in our country. Pokemon

But first, a little more about the game.

Pokémon Go lets players enter an augmented reality world and invites them to search and nab popular and new characters from the Pokémon universe. The game uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect your co-ordinates when you start the game and then has you head on a chase to grab a Pokémon once it appears in your vicinity. The game, is a way for hardcore Pokémon fans to do what they always wanted to by letting them enter the Pokémon universe and at the same time lets new potential fans to experience the fun in the most intuitive manner. Me being in the latter category, thoroughly ended up enjoying the experience. Now let’s get to the part where you end up in trouble if you don’t pay heed to the following advice. Pokemon-Go Pokémon Go yet again proves that it is innovative gameplay that gets gamers around the world going, and one doesn’t really require a bleeding edge, bank account annihilating graphics card laden PC for it. Not that I mind having one in my living room. The superbly simple gameplay will make sure you enjoy the entire process of finding monsters in the Pokémon universe. However that’s not all, you can even meet real world players using PokeStops or even enter a gym and fight gym leaders. Now go ahead and catch 'em all! Pokémon! For phones that can last all day long while you're playing Pokémon Go, check out our list of mega battery smartphones. Illustration: Aditi Sharma