While we’re all experiencing an uncertain phase in our lives,  virtual dates with your loved ones are guaranteed to infuse some much-needed positivity to your day. As we all know, the safest way to protect each other is to stay indoors and as tough as it may seem for those who stay away from their families, soulmates, or your best friends, it is the only way out. Thankfully, technology has helped us bridge the gap with the help of high-quality video calling apps available to most of us. Though date nights may not be the same as they used to be, they can still be fun. Whether it means catching up with your cousins, childhood besties or your partner, we tell you how to plan the perfect virtual date with fun activities that will leave you with a whole lot of happiness and love.

Pick A Theme

A candlelight dinner with your partner or a colourful dance session with your friends? The right theme can really set the mood and make your date even more fun. Dressing up according to the theme can really make it exciting. You can change it up every time you plan a date but make sure you discuss the theme before hand so everyone has time to prep for it.

Plan A DIY Happy Hour

Experiment with a new beverage recipe and make it from scratch. Whether it’s a zero-proof drink or a cocktail, make sure you create the very best version of it. Pay attention to the finer details like garnishing and presentation and impress each other with the result. You can recreate it the next time you’ll meet.
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Host A Game Night

You could choose to play online games but going old school is so much fun too. Quizzes, trivia, treasure hunts and more, there’s so many to choose from that guarantee a whole lot of fun.

Create A Bucket List

Now that we have some extra time on our hands, it’s best to use it to create your own bucket list. A trip to Paris with your SO, an all-girls adventure to Bali or a solo trip, now’s the time to note all of it down and look forward to accomplishing them as soon as you can.
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Have A Netflix Party

There are quite a few new movies and shows that are launching on Netflix every other day. If you don’t know what to watch, try a spin the wheel activity that may help you’ll out. If all else fails, you can always re-watch a classic favourite together that you all like.

Cook Your Favourite Dish Together

Thanks to quarantine and self-isolation, a lot of us have turned into good cooks. Use your talent and cook up a dish you’re good at making or simply try one common dish that both of you like.

A Virtual Tour

A lot of museums and historical sites are offering virtual tours that you can try out. This is a fun activity that you can take up right from the comfort of your home. It’ll surely be a memorable experience.
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Unwind Together

This will work really well for a sleepover or lounge theme. Start off with some relaxing yoga asanas and stretches. Next, get your fragrant candles ready, meditate together and make yourselves homemade masks. It’s fun and certainly rejuvenating as well.