"Being out of the city for celebrations gives us an opportunity to truly connect with our close friends or family and focus on celebrating in an entirely unique way. If we go beyond the usual night out at a restaurant or bar, an occasion can turn into a magical experience that is rarely achievable in a city. Imagine celebrating your birthday with close friends in a monastery on top of a mountain or having a romantic dinner with your partner on a secluded beach that’s lit up with candles. That’s what travel makes possible," says Vishal Hanmattekar, co-founder and CEO, The Blueberry Trails. So have excuse, want to travel? Or want to travel and looking for an excuse? Whatever your reasons, why don’t you consider visiting these places for great celebrations?

Celebrate: Family, in Jaipur

best places for celebrations Plan a #FamJam in this historic city come Diwali. Yes, it’s too early in the year to be bogged down by the logistics, but put it on the list anyway. Celebrations in the Pink City kick-off with Dhanteras; and the place decks up in all its glory. Temples, palaces and city markets come alive with the sparkle of tiny lights (that your kids will enjoy) and tableaus of modern and traditional themes are worth a glimpse as homes are lit up with traditional diyas and pretty candles in an ode to the triumph of ‘good over evil.’ Where better to celebrate Diwali than in this historic city?

Celebrate: Friendships, in Mathura and Vrindavan

 best places for celebrations For classic celebrations with old friends, consider Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan. Festivities here last for about a week – so you’ll have plenty to do. Walk along the ghats of Mathura in the morning to see people making bhang, that most traditional of intoxicating drinks. Get a little tipsy on the cannabis-milk concoction before you head out to play with gulal or dried flowers. Don’t forget to pack those fancy water cannons though, it’ll give you an edge over the locals. On your trip, visit the Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan and, time permitting, drive to Barsana and Nandgon villages, where traditions like the lathmaar are still popular – this is the only time you’ll get to see groups of women playfully beating up men!

Celebrate: Your bachelorette, in Nashik

best places for celebrations The usual hotspots for a bachelorette are Goa or Mumbai - with a lot of shopping, eating out and partying till midnight thrown in. Instead, how about a wine tour in Nashik with your best friends? Explore India’s ‘Napa valley’ to sample homegrown wines at Sula Vineyards. It’s best to visit during grape harvesting season, especially at Sula’s Dindori estate, as you’ll get the chance to stomp on some grapes. Another lovely vineyard to add to your wine trail is the Chateau d’Ori, located at the base of the Nhera-Ori hills at Dindori. With sparkling wine, good food and lush greenery all around, you can’t complain about such celebrations.

Celebrate: Your wedding, in Goa

India beach wedding It’s not hard to understand the fascination couples have with getting married in Goa.  Where else can you have a wedding at sunset; or a chilled out band-bajaa-baraat? It’s time to say, #AbhiToPartyShuruHuiHai Sure, it’s a cliché, but pheras-on-the-beach, enhanced by a liberal dollop of romance, laughter and fun, make Goa an ideal locale to tie the knot and enjoy this celebration. Also take into consideration the Instagram-worthy backdrop of the Arabian Sea, palm trees and colonial churches that serve as the prettiest natural props you could get.

Celebrate: Your babymoon, on Kerala’s backwaters

best places for celebrations If Karan Johar were making a romcom about a babymooning couple, he probably won’t pick this spot. But we’d like him to. And here’s why: This southern state has enough going on to give Switzerland a run for its money. It’s all about tranquility and leisure, and the perfect place for a little romance. Subscribe to the slow life with a lazy cruise on the backwaters as flocks of ducks navigate past your country boat; eat well (your resort should have you sorted on that front) and pamper yourself with either traditional oil massages or spa treatments.


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