Pet owners leave no stone unturned when it comes to their beloved four-legged friends. From birthdays to grooming, no expense is spared when pampering a pet. For parents like these, we have a few more special treats for your cats and dogs, this time in the form of interesting technology that will take care of your pals and keep them safe and happy.
Pet activity tracker
fitbark Just like we humans have FitBit to track our fitness goals, dogs have their own activity tracker call FitBark that sends your dog’s vital information to your smartphone in real time. This gadget is a collar your strap around on your dog. It is synced to an app where you must feed in details like age and breed and the app will create an ideal exercise plan to make sure your dog stays healthy. Like the fitness trackers we use, you can set goals and track progress with this one too.
Pet monitor
petcube If you worry about your chum at home when you’re out at work or partying, this pet monitor is what will help keep you two connected. Petcube is a little box-like device that has a camera and built-in microphone and speakers. Keep it in your room on a shelf or a table where you can see your pet via an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also speak to your pet through it if the little fellow seems lonely. It also has a laser pointer that lets you play with your pet if you both are bored.
Fetch toy machine
fetch Your dog may never tire of fetching a ball but you might, and that’s when this machine can be super handy. Just as the name suggests, this GoDogGo fetch machine runs on battery power for 25 hours in one go. All you have to do is leave it on and it will shoot out the ball every time it is brought back to the basket. It also has a sensor machine that stops any kind of shooting of the ball if it detects that the dog is near the ball outlet, thus making sure it does not accidentally hit your pet.
Laser toy machine
laser If the fetch matching is something for the dog, this Dart Automatic pet laser is a toy for your cat. If you already have a cat, you probably know the kind of effect a laser can have on them. This machine comes with a 360-degree rotating and pivoting laser head that aims the dot around the room. Keep those cats from lazing around by encouraging them to keep lasering around instead. It has automatic settings that turn off after 10, 15 or 20 minutes of runtime.
Feeding machine
pintofeed The worst thing about leaving your pet alone at home is the fear that it might starve without you. Not anymore with this PintoFeed automatic food dispenser. This device connects to your home Wi-fi so you can wirelessly dispense food for your pet through your smartphone app whenever its food time. The app that controls this device has some multiple features that lets you create a feeding schedule, send you notifications about when your pet’s done eating and monitors food intake too.