Sometimes, even though we want to be thoughtful, we're stuck for appropriate wedding gifts. That's when we end up taking the easy way out and present brides and grooms with an envelope full of cash, or worse, a gift card. Of course, we can get away with a lack of imagination when the couple is not a close friend or relative, but we really need to get thinking about wedding gifts when they are. For instance, their shared interests lead you to pick out a gift that they probably won’t need to re-gift. To help you decide better, we’ve curated a list of wedding gift ideas that will please every kind of couple.

For the couple that loves to travel

traveling couple If the couple is fond of traveling, they’ll appreciate a gift that can be an essential part of their travels, like a good camera. Wish them a life of adventure, all of which can be captured on a new DLSR or point-and-shoot camera.

For the couple that's setting up a new home

new nesters A couple that’s moving into a new house will need a lot of gadgets for the home. Right from a coffee machine or an AC or water purifier to a TV, they could use home appliances and gadgets to set up their new life. Make your gift count by giving them something they could really use. Also Read: The Perfect Sale for Newly Weds Setting Up Their Homes

For the couple that cooks together

newly weds A couple that cooks together, eats together, stays together…you know the saying. A gadget like a microwave and a cookbook should do the trick. You could also give them an air fryer or food processor so that they’ll have more to experiment with.

For the homebody couple

homebody couple If the couple is usually very low key and likes to spend most of their time indoors, give them a gift that best suits these homebodies. A TV, or a Bluetooth speaker or even a Kindle will make them happy and give them another reason to stay at home with each other. Also Read: Do It Better Than A Celeb: In Olive

For the long-distance couple

long distance couple Not all couples move in together after marriage. Some work in different cities, countries or some travel a lot for work. Either way the best gift for such a couple is something that keeps them connected, like a smartphone. Not just any smartphone though, a smartphone with a good front camera would be super useful for them to video chat. Many smartphones like the Oppo F5 Plus or the Vivo V7 Plus or even the iPhone 8 have good front cameras.

For the adrenaline junkie couple

adrenaline junkie couple We all know that one crazy couple who’d rather be hiking or scuba diving rather than spending a romantic evening at home. For the adrenaline junkie couple like that who enjoy a good share of sports activities, the GoPro camcorder seems like a great gift to help them capture all their adventures together. Images Courtesy:
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