The march of the penguins has brought them to Mumbai. The city’s Byculla zoo is prepping to showcase 8 Humboldt penguins as part of a very special attraction. So that’s another reason for everyone to come to Mumbai! And considering that most of us have never seen a penguin in person before, since we’re a tropical people, it’s just as well. Because they’d give us crippling inferiority complexes. Here are some things we learned about penguins that made us believe they’re clearly smarter than us on some counts:  

Penguins Don’t Fat-Shame Other Penguins

Our feathered friends are much kinder than us. Not only do they accept others of all shapes and sizes, but female penguins go out of their way to find the fattest male partner they can. This is because male penguins are required to care for the egg during the nesting period (while the female hunts); so the more the fat, the warmer the egg.  

Male Emperor Penguins Have No Trouble Losing That Baby Weight

They may go into the nesting period looking all round and fluffy, but male Emperor penguins can lose up to 26 pounds while they wait for the egg to hatch, and come out of the experience with abs like Jesus. Talk about #dadbod. And most of us couldn’t lose 26 pounds in our dreams, because even an over-active imagination can only do so much.   Like this article? Also read: Prepare For The #Camelvasion  

They May Have Only One Skill, But They’re Amazing At It

Penguins were made for one thing and one thing only. No, it isn’t to be adorable; the correct answer is swimming. These little guys are the torpedoes of the animal kingdom, clocking average speeds of 4-7 miles per hour. They are the most aquatic of all birds – up to the point where they even prefer “swimming” (sliding along on their belly) on dry land – and one particular species, the Gentoo penguin, can hit top speeds of 22 miles per hour! Meanwhile, the rest of us consider Pokemon Go to be the ultimate form of exercise. #GottaCatchEmAllAsLongAsTheyArentTooFar  

They Partner For Life

Most species partner with the same bird of the other sex time and again, during consecutive mating seasons. We can learn a thing or two from penguins.  

 They Leave Benedict Cumberbatch At A Loss For Words

These majestic birds are so amazing that even the fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say their name without getting agitated to the point that he messes it up. Watch as he struggles to say the word “Penguin” in this hilarious interview. How is it possible for someone as eloquent as Cumberbatch to get this flustered at the mere mention of our fine feathered friends? Well, that’s a mystery not even Sherlock could solve.


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