Christmas came early to the world of designers all around with the launch of Pantone’s new app called ‘PANTONE Studio’ for iOS users. And in case you were wondering why your art buddies are going gaga about it, here’s the whole scoop. So about two days ago if a designer had to search for a specific colour, they’d have to go through a hectic task of sitting with a huge ass Pantone colour book and spot the one. Now, as of today, life just got a whole lot simpler—courtesy the new app. Pantone app Users can now access the whole colour library on their mobile phones, which makes things a lot easier considering our generation of creators and designers prefers to work on a mobile platform.  On the app, an user can capture images and colours they find around and the app translates them into Pantone colours and creates a palette. It also allows you to save colours and palettes and then share them with others through the app or through social media. This mutual exchange allows you to draw inspiration from other people’s palettes too. Such colour inspiration goes a long way in influencing a designer’s art. The app also has other features like ‘Harmonies’, ‘Cross References’ and ‘Inspiration’ that lets you find complimentary colour, other hues and a bunch of extra colour-based analysis that can help a designer tremendously. Pantone app feature Additionally, you can directly send your saved palettes to a cloud or Photoshop making things super easy. Wording her excitement for the app, Team Que’s own Senior Visualizer Aditi Sharma a.k.a Apple Addict says, “Now I don’t need to spend hours on Photoshop and Illustrator to get the closest colour from an image. It's easier to find colour schemes. Also, the connection to Creative Cloud is a big plus, all my colour palettes can be shared between mobile and desktop. #Designboner.” You can download PANTONE Studio on the Apple Store. Existing users of the myPantone app can access it too. The basic features are available for free download. Other options need to be bought by in-app purchases.