It’s been a while since we’ve been spending time in our homes. Although it has its merits, sometimes you might want to see more of the outside world. One way to do that from the comfort of your living rooms is through livestreams from around the world. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has teamed up with Panasonic to bring you once such livestream full of delights from the world of aquatic flora and fauna.

Sea Life x Panasonic

The Sea Life aquarium has teamed up with Panasonic to stream its sea creatures live on its Facebook page. To do so, they’re using the Panasonic X2000 Camcorder to host multiple streams of its popular exhibits. Viewers can watch animals get fed, and catch unexpected moments like a dugong getting a belly rub, and even get information and answers about the aquatic life straight from experts.

“We wanted to give people a closer experience than ever before, whilst also providing families who are stuck indoors, with resources, materials and fun topics to talk about. Working with Panasonic, we are able to bring the vibrant underwater world to life on screens big and small around Australia. We are thrilled that our viewers can dive into our world and enjoy uninterrupted, professional quality live streams at the click of a button,” said Richard Dilly, General Manager, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

The Panasonic X2000

A plug and play camera solution, the X2000 from Panasonic can connect directly to WiFi networks and function as a source for live streams in HD quality. Its onboard microphone also makes sound capturing better. It also features 4K recording, high resolution audio, wide-angle and zoom lens, and precision face detection. These features enable the staff at Sea Life to focus on the animal in their care and forget about technical issues.

The success of the live-streams on their Facebook page has led to the launch of Tank TV, a a 24-hour live stream using Panasonic’s AW-UE4 pan-tilt-zoom camera which can be moved to showcase different areas of the aquarium. Speaking to, Panasonic also said that they worked remotely to provide the required installation and operational training to the professionals at the aquarium for a seamless experience.

Source: Sydney Aquarium, Appliance Retailer

Image Courtesy: Panasonic, Canva, Sea Life Sydney