Christmas and New Years is right around the corner and everyone’s going to be flying around for a vacation or just to head back home. Bottom line is that airports are going to be packed, and you don’t want to be that person holding up the line because of that one stray wire or unkempt gadget. Airport security can get pretty tough around this time of the year. And if you want to get through that bag scan line with all those gadgets, accessories and chargers stuffed in your luggage bags, you’ll have to do more just get the suitcase shut when packing them. Here are a few tips to pack your tech right.

Pack in layers

The goal is to make sure that all your gadgets are easily recognizable when they go through the screening. Instead of throwing all your stuff together randomly, pack them neatly in layers inside the luggage that has to be checked in. Layer clothes, then your gadgets and then cover them up with more folded clothes. This way your electronics will stay safe from any accidental bumps and damages too. Also Read: Smart Luggage For The Smart Traveller packing

Wrapping wires

Tangled wires are not just a messy affair but can cause a lot of confusion when screened through your bags. What if it was twisted in a certain way that it depicted a suspicious object? That’s a big hassle when you have to open your bags and untangle everything. Just use a Ziploc next time for all wires and chargers. Also, roll them into ovals and use the ends to tie the middle. Using a rubber band, Velcro and wire twists could help keep them in place too. Also Read: Coolest Travel Gear You Didn’t Realise You Needed

Carrying a carry-on

If you have valuable devices like a laptop or DSLR, make some space for them in your carry-on. They are safer to carry on board with you than with your checked luggage. Also, remember to charge such devices. In case the security asks you to switch it on, you don’t want to waste time charging your gadgets. Tabs, smartphones, chargers and the kindle can also go with you. Other gadgets like grooming devices, speakers and larger sized electronics can go with the checked luggage.

Carry your batteries right

You can’t set out on a trip without carrying your batteries. How are your gadgets going to run otherwise? However, carrying them along on a flight can be tricky. As long as your phone, laptop and camera batteries are inside the device, you’re good to go. Any spare batteries that are not inside devices are to be in your carry-on bag only. Most airlines have restrictions on batteries with very high voltage. Chances are you won’t be carrying any of those unless you plan on powering on an industrial equipment.