Does it sometimes feel like your smartphone is going to burn up the side of your face or your hands or your pocket or even the table you leave it on? It’s not uncommon for cell phones to heat up extensively every now and then. Sometimes it's best to leave it alone when it throws a heat fit before it starts acting up and even powering itself off. But you can’t always rely on that, sometimes it’s worth getting a little curious about the overheating and finding a solution to it instead of hoping it doesn’t blow up. For starters, figure out which part of your smartphone heats up.

If it’s the back of your phone

If it’s the back part of your phone where the battery sits that heats up it could be a case of a defective battery that’s causing the overheating. Get your battery checked and replaced before it busts your smartphone’s health.

If it’s the bottom of the phone

The bottom of the phone is where you usually plug in the charger. It could be a cause of a faulty charger. Try different chargers, preferably a one made by the same brand as your smartphone to test if this solves the problem.

If it’s the whole phone

When none of the above reasons match and it feels like the whole of your smartphone is heating up, there might be several reasons affecting the functioning of the smartphone. Here are some of them and how you can fix them.

Multiple apps running

When you open an app and switch to another one after you’re done using it, the previous app is still running in the background even though you may not be accessing it. Over time when such multiple apps pile up in the background it can get overwhelming for your smartphone, thus causing it to heat up. Every few hours, go to app manager, to the running section and stop the apps you don’t need. This will also help save on battery life.

Exposure to the heat sources

The same way that your skin gets heated up when you spend too much time in the sun, your phone too heats up when it's left exposed to the sun or in hot conditions. Keep your phone in your bag when you’re in the open. When you’re indoors, make sure your phone isn’t kept close to other gadgets that emit heat. Always leave your phone in a cool place where it has enough space to breath. Also Read: Fascinating Android Features You’re Probably Not Using, But Should!

Overworking your phone

Heavy gaming or accessing streaming videos for a long time requires the phone processor to work in full swing. This consumes a lot of power and ends up heating up the phone too. Additionally, if your internet is being used and you’re attending to others apps too, it will only burden your phone further, thus heating it up faster. To beat this start using your phone mindfully. When you’re using a heavy-duty application like a game or watching a movie on Netflix, do one thing at a time and make sure the rest of the apps are shut when you do so.

Fluctuating network

Trying to use cellular or data-based services on your phone even when your signal is poor will need your smartphone to do more work thus causing it to heat up. A wiser decision would be to find better signal and then continue with your activities.