It's World Dance Day which means it's time to leave whatever you're doing and shake a leg for bit. Dance isn't just a hobby, it's also something that keeps most people going. From hip-hop to jazz, bollywood to bachata, there are an array of dance forms for everyone. While it's also a great way to get into shape, spending a little time into putting your dance outfit together could really get you into the groove. We've got you some must-have pieces inspired by various dance forms that you could treat yourself to today and dance your way to fitness. Here's what we recommend:


Hip-hop has gained immense popularity especially because of the endless movies created with street dance in focus. It's fun, powerful and quite a workout. Keeping that in mind, we've got the perfect hip-hop pieces that are sure to make you feel comfy even while you have a killer dance session.
sports bra 1
Invest in a good quality sports bra that won’t only keep you comfortable throughout your session but that would also keep you looking trendy. Pair it with comfy joggers and complete your look with sneakers.


Zumba is one of the most popular dance styles today which is also an extremely fun way to lose those extra pounds. It's the perfect balance of intense and fun. Invest in good quality leggings and a tank top so that you're comfortable throughout.
tank top
We've got you a chic tank top that you could pair with these black solid leggings. It's smart and will absolutely not get into the way of ruining that intense dance workout. Complete your look with your favourite pair of kicks and you're done!


Bollywood dance has definitely evolved through the years and has now become a workout in itself. Bollywood aerobics and other dance techniques that include those filmy thumkas and dramatic twirls are gaining popularity and if you really want to get groovin', dressing up in an ethnic skirt would totally get you ready.
pink skirt
We've got you a pretty ethnic skirt that you're definitely going to love twirling in. Pair it with a tank top or a comfortable camisole for your next Bollywood dance class.


This popular dance form has been quite popular and you have to try it out. Grab a partner and learn this beautiful dance form that is absolute fun. If you love dressing up in pretty ruffle dresses and halter tops, salsa is definitely for you.
red dress
gold heela
This stunning red dress is sure to keep you dancing all night long. Pair it with a chic pair of gold strap heels and a few accessories to complete your look. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock Like this article? Also read: This Is The Perfect Gym Wear To Show Off Your Fab Summer Body