The 89th Academy Awards has got to be the most diverse and politically charged edition so far. There were a slew of memorable moments—from the big Best Picture goof up that has the Internet blowing up to Viola Davis's speech about the purpose of an artist. We, on the other hand, are interested in the red carpet round up that, in our opinion, deserves it's own set of awards. What would they be? Scroll down and find out yourself.

Best Use of a Time Machine: Janelle Monae

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Actress and singer Janelle Monae is an overall badass. Not only did she star in two Oscar-nominated films (Moonlight and Hidden Figures), she also dared to go where no woman has gone since the 18th century by walking down the red carpet in a pannier.

Pulling an Angelina Jolie: Taraji P Henson

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In the ultimate battle of Who Wore it Better (dating back to 2012 and Angelina Jolie's infamous right leg), Taraji went bold in a Alberta Ferretti thigh-high slit gown. Dare we say the Internet has found a new meme?

Better Dressed Than The Oscar Statuette: Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone and Jessica Biel

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Can you upstage the Oscar statuette itself? Nicole Kidman, Jessica Biel and Emma Stone sure think so. Although,as fate should have it, Stone was seen twinning with her award by the end of the evening.

Best Use Of A Cape: Karlie Kloss

If you have ever questioned the utility of a cape as a child, take one look at Karlie Kloss. A strategically placed cape can make a plain ol' gown look like it might give you super powers.

Will Blind You With Her Dazzling Ensemble: Charlize Theron

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Once your eyes adjust to the sheen of Chalize Theron's gorgeous Dior gown and her flawless complexion, you will find yourself hypnotised by her mismatched Chopard earrings.

Defying The Laws Of Physics: Priyanka Chopra

A lesser mortal like us might have issues of mobility surrounding this outfit. Not PC though. And that's the difference between mortals and Goddesses.

Most Overrated Dress Of All Time: Meryl Streep

"Nice Dress. Is that an Ivanka?"