With schools and colleges closed world over, the classroom has come home. Students are relying on the internet to keep the channel of learning open as teachers host virtual classes. However, for those looking to upscale their skills or just learn something while we have time on our hands, there are many interesting online courses and tutorials out there; some being offered by world’s top universities. From robotics to algebra, to music to creative writing, you’ll find something of interest on Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, and edX. To start with, have a look at the list we have compiled for you.

The Science Of Well-Being

The most popular course in the history of Yale University is taught by Dr Laurie Santos on happiness. Now available for free on Coursera, the 10-week course teaches students on how to develop positive habits to lead a happier life. Join 1,410,510 students who have enrolled for the course here.
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Learn To Play Guitar

Guitar manufacturer Fender is offering free guitar lessons for three months to the first 5,00,000 people who sign up. Download the app, or sign up on the website to start learning the strings.
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Start Writing Fiction

Dreamers, creative thinkers and aspiring writers can start developing their story lines, characters and themes with this free online course. It’s available on Open University.
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Shakespeare’s Life & Work

This online course by Harvard digs deeper into Shakespeare’s life, and teaches you how to interpret his plays. For all literary fans of the English writer, this course will help you understand the significance of his work and relevance today. Enrol for free on edX.
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Machine Learning

If you’re interested in artificial intelligence and want to learn how computers work without being programmed explicitly, then this course by Georgia Tech and Brown University is a good place to enhance your knowledge. It’s available for free on Udacity.
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How To Draw With Disney

Want to channel the artist in you? Look at the tutorials that Disney has posted on their blog, to show you how you can draw Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. On Khan Academy, Disney is also offering an in-depth course on designing theme parks with artists, designers, technicians, architects and engineers. Join Imagineering In A Box here.
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Learn A Language

Do you want to use this time to brush up on a third language you learnt in school, or learn a new one? There are many options to do this through, including Duolingo, Babble, Alison, Coursera, Udemy and even YouTube tutorials.
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