Now that we have some free time on our hands, it's best to make use of it wisely and learn a skill or two and educate ourselves with a few interesting courses. While quite a few of us have engaged ourselves with courses that will help develop careers, we suggest checking out a few courses that will help train you to lower your fashion carbon footprint as well. With the circumstances we're facing, a lot of us are also concerned about the state of the environment and eco-system. If you're a fashion enthusiast or simply want to know more about how to lower your consumption through the clothes you wear or your shopping and recycling techniques, taking up a sustainable fashion course might be the right choice for you.
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To help you get started, we've listed down a few courses that will teach you more about sustainability, how to introduce it into your wardrobe and different aspects of your life. Some of these also teach you about ethical business practices in fashion and prepare you to become a conscious consumer for an evolved future of fashion.

Sustainable Fashion by Copenhagen Business School

Offered on Coursera, this Sustainable Fashion course uses the Sustainable Business Model as a foundation to enable you to understand sustainable fashion. Alongside, it also teaches you about Circular Economy, basic terminology around sustainable fashion and the challenges brands face when they transition to sustainable methods of production.

Fashion & Sustainability by UAL: London College of Fashion

This Fashion & Sustainability course contextualises sustainability for a changing world. From sourcing materials for luxury fashion to informed decision making as well as creative realisation, it enables you to understand key agendas and issues in the world of sustainable fashion. It's informative and great for those working in the field of fashion.

Sustainable Fashion Design by UAL: London College of Fashion

If you're a fashion designer who'd like to know how to make the perfect transition to sustainable fashion design, this Sustainable Fashion Design course is perfect for you. It teaches you about the changing role of the designer, sustainable materials, supply chain, case studies, future trends and more.

Fashion's Future by Fashion Revolution

This Sustainable Development course will help you gain an understanding of the fashion industry's impact on people and the planet, ethical trade, international development, global fashion supply chains etc. It will help you gain knowledge about sustainable fashion, how and why you should aim to include it in different aspects of your life.

Promoting Sustainability In Fashion

Aimed at fashion marketing professionals and fashion sustainability activists, this course helps gain knowledge about the important trend of sustainability. It covers promotion opportunities, the changing consumer and issues through the value chain.