Fashion is a complete merry-go-round; the biggest trend of last season could make you look like a hot mess right now and what was in vogue 20 years back could be the IT trend of the season. I mean who would have thought that chokers, a trend we sported in the 90s could have such a field day today! To keep you sartorially au courant, I’m here to tell you which trends you should be ditching this year.  

Ear Cuffs

a It was the easiest trend bandwagon to jump onto. Ear cuffs were sassy and oh-so chic. Unfortunately, no one’s wearing them anymore. You should go for gold, rose gold or silver hoops right now.  


b Touted as the coolest shoe of 2014, bloggers like Man Repeller, Chiara Ferragni and celebrities swore by it. Thankfully the ugly shoe trend stopped right there and we’ve now moved on to better things.  

Wedge Sneakers

c When Nike released wedge sneakers in a variety of colours, people went mad. Everyone wanted to snag a pair, that was until everyone’s attention turned to white sneakers. Long live Adidas Superstars!  

Statement Snapbacks

d Predominantly worn by hip hop dancers and street style stars, this is one fad we’re glad isn’t trending right now. Bye-bye weird word caps.  

The Naked Dress

113   Everyone tried convincing us this was a ‘thing’. Mira Kapoor wore it and so did Priyanka Chopra. Unfortunately it never caught on! Unless you like leaving little to the imagination, give this a ditch and go for an off-the-shoulder dress. That’s absolutely hot right now.  


f The clutches, the shoes, the clothes made us all look like stylish versions of the Tin Man and made us feel really cool but unlike it’s futuristic vibe, it’s become a memory of the distant past.  

Sheer Maxi Skirts

g It was perfect for a party or even a brunch date but it was gone before we could say ‘fad.’ Keep it in the recess of your closet for it will be quite some time till it comes back in style.  

Bandage dress

h It made you look like a sexy mummy (the Egyptian one) and if you couldn’t fit into one, then you envied the ones who did. Everyone was wearing it and Hervé Leger was the IT designer of the year. So, just like Paris Hilton’s cool girl status, this didn’t last very long.  

Full Metal Waist Belts

i These gave just a subtle touch of glam to our all monotone outfits and helped break the monotony. Unfortunately, everyone got tired of it pretty quickly. So, ditch the belt and add a subtle touch of metal to your outfit with stacked bracelets.  

The Asymmetrical Maxi Dress

j This made us feel so fly for it showed leg without being too risqué. Cool for 2013 but definitely not sexy right now.