So we’re sure you guys must have seen dozens of posts with this white little lace dress all over social media. It’s great to see how every girl has her own style and can express her individuality using the very same dress, put together in her unique way. Be it a dainty pair of stilettos, classic white kicks, a leather or denim jacket. a goth choker or some elegant pearls. It goes to show how the very same piece of clothing can look completely different on each person. This was a fun little challenge for the two of us as well. We’re both extremely different when it comes to dressing and have completely different body types. 43   Kayaan: I decided to go the grunge way and layer this girly dress with a belted up plaid shirt, a black leather backpack and my black Doc Martins. My black frames the I wear with almost everything, of course! 101 Shereen: I love layering as well, but I decided to layer this dress a little differently with a white shirt inside rather than outside. A white belt to add some shape, nude heels and a cute little golden backpack I picked up recently. 102 Shop this dress and lots more fun stuff on the new TataCliq app available for Android and iOS!   99 71 15     Originally published on loveandotherbugs Photography by Vijit Gupta Location courtesy Terttulia Mumbai