Before there was Game of Thrones, Glee and True Blood, there was The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Wonder Years, Pinky & the Brain and Hum Paanch. Gen X survived the ’90s thanks to these TV shows, which helped them deal with teenage angst one episode at a time. The team behind Que mag gets nostalgic and talks about the old school TV shows that (still) make them happy.

Dexter’s Lab & The Powerpuff Girls

dexter and power puff girls1 It takes me back to the time when I would come back home from school and pretend to do my homework in front of the TV. But yes mom, I’ll admit it now – I was watching those shows instead! Shirin Salwan, Fashion Editor

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

the fresh prince of bel air The dude was cool; the dude got the girls; the dude made fun of cousin Carlton. What’s not to love? S. George, Tech and Men’s Lifestyle Editor   Like this article? Also read: How The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Inspired the Coolest Hepatitis Rap We’ve Heard!  

Hum Paanch 

Hum Paanch TV show I was really young when Hum Paanch was being aired. I remember getting really excited every time I heard the theme song and still remember all the characters and their varied personalities. My favourite character (whom I identified with the most) was tomboy Kajal. She’s like me. (Or am I like her?) Karishma Shah, Fashion Assistant

I Love Lucy 

i love lucy Lucille Ball is my spirit animal. I remember watching this show on VHS when I was growing up, and it’s something I keep revisiting even now, thanks to the Internet. The chocolate factory scene has to be my favourite TV moment ever. To me the show set the blueprint for all future sitcoms to come. Dyuti Mishra, Assistant Fashion Editor

Pinky & the Brain 

Pinky and the brain The show’s two characters remind me of my two personalities: Pinky is a representation of my very kookie side, and The Brain is, well, brainy like me. #DontJudgeMe Shwetha Nair, Editor

The Wonder Years  & Doogie Houser MD

Doogie Houser MD WOnder Years Who can forget Kevin? And his teenage fears? And adorable Doogie Houser? And his mad friend Vinnie? I was hooked onto both shows because a) they were some of the only age-appropriate shows on TV then; and b) because everyone school watched—and gossiped—about them (yes, peer pressure makes you do mad things). But seriously, they were damn good shows. Chelna Khatau, Culture and Lifestyle Editor


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