With Diwali sales popping up everywhere, it’s hard to keep yourself away from a good deal. It takes great restrain to resist a new smartphone or TV at half the price. But it’s not so much the buying that brings the guilt as much as the thought of what you’re going to do with the old gadget that’s still working perfectly well. If such troubles keep you up at night, we have some ideas on what you can do with out-of-date gadgets to give them a new purpose, and in turn give yourself a perfectly good reason to get excited about your new Diwali buys. Also Read: Fusion Indian Desserts to Bite into This Diwali

Turn your smartphone into a multipurpose device

A smartphone was never just meant to be a phone. Once you buy a new smartphone, you can use the old one as a spare phone for a ton of other purposes. Connect it to your Wi-Fi and use it to stream movies and play games without getting disturbed by calls or messages. Turn it into a dedicated Skype line, just the way you use a landline. With apps like Universal TV Remote and Android TV Remote you can use your spare smartphone as a common remote control to access any TV. In addition to these, here are some more alternate ways to use your smartphone.

Turn your PC monitor into a TV

If you’ve finally replaced your old PC with a new laptop, you can use the LCD/LED monitor as a new TV for another room. Just plug a Chromecast into your monitor and stream whatever you want to watch on your new TV. You’ll also need to invest in an audio extractor to set up the audio for your new TV.

Repurpose your tablet

Once you upgrade your tablet to a newer model, you can continue to use the old one as a dedicated e-reader or a as security camera with apps like Manyhings, or to keep an eye on your baby with the baby monitor app called Cloud Baby Monitor. Also Read: 5 Diwali Gifts Under Rs 5,000 to Up your Gifting Game This Year

Sell for some extra cash

Websites like Karma Recycling recycle your old smartphones, laptops and tablets and pay you for it too. The process is pretty simple, all you have to do is fill out your product details and get a price quote for your gadget. Cashify is another website where you can sell your gadgets hassle-free.


Donate and do your good deed this festive season. Platforms like DonateYourPc allow you to give away your old gadgets to NGOs, who in turn use them to educate people in rural areas. Budli is another website that buys such gadgets but also gives you the option to donate. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Pull Together A Mix & Match Outfit For Diwali Now that you know your old gadgets will be put to better use, treat yourself to a new one, if you haven’t already. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com



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