Empowerment of women has been at the core of Okhai as a brand and business. From giving women from Okhamandal a flourishing platform to showcase their skills and talents to helping hundreds of them move closer to a better lifestyle, Okhai is an initiative that makes us extremely happy and proud. This Independence Day, we celebrate the efforts of Okhai and the artisans who have helped the brand grow one step at a time. We had the opportunity to meet the artisans and know more about their life and association with the brand. Here’s what they had to say!

The on-boarding expert

A woman with a strong personality and an infectious laughter, Rami ben is a delight to talk to. She leads the on boarding of new artisans into the community and handles the extensive process of making groups, explaining rules and benefits, training them and allotting tasks based on their skills. She understands that every woman they meet are talented, but it’s important to teach them to make premium products that are ready for the market. Her understanding about garments, sizing, stitching and embroidery left us every bit impressed.

Balancing home and work

Lakshmi has been working with Okhai for the past 18 years. Her day begins at 4 am, when she takes care of the household chores and sets out for work at Okhai by 8 am. She heads the team as the master cutter for applique work that is used across bed linens, accessories, décor and clothing. Lakshmi shares that her happiest childhood memories are of cutting papers into patterns, a skill she later honed and perfected before joining Okhai. She shares that her experience with the brand has been phenomenal as the learning never ends. She gets trained regularly, she visits exhibitions to understand the latest trends and works with the designers to stay updated with the industry.

Presenting perfection, always

Confident and cheerful, Himi is yet another key member of the community of artisans who work for Okhai. Himi tailors clothing and has been associated with the brand for the past 10 years. Her experience and expertise has helped her speed up the tailoring process ensuring maximum efficiency. For Himi, Okhai has not just been a source of support for her family but also a platform that has recognized her skills and talents as an artist.

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