October's just around the corner and the cool monsoon breezes that you've become used to will soon be a thing of the past. But instead of dreading the October heat, it's time for you to get ready to face the upcoming weather. Given below are an assortment of appliances that will not only help you beat the October heat but will benefit you for years to come!

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Inverter 3 Star Copper (BEE Rating 2018) Magicool Split AC (White)

Have you ever felt the frustration associated with the air conditioner taking ages to cool up? With this AC from Whirlpool, you’ll forget what it feels like. The Advanced MPFI Technology and Turbo Cool feature not only cools the air faster, but the IntelliSense Inverter Technology also saves electricity. The copper condenser coil makes it easy to maintain and energy-efficient. It is capable of keeping up its cooling performance even when temperatures soar to 52 degrees outside.

Voltas VB-P15MH 15L Personal Air Cooler

If the heat in your city or town can be characterized as dry heat, this air cooler from Voltas should be your best bet. With its 15 litres tank capacity, this cooler can easily provide you with the much-needed respite from the heat. It features high-quality construction and sturdy build that will ensure that it lasts for long. Its airflow is powerful enough to cool a large room. What’s even more attractive is how affordable the air cooler is.

Havells Ambrose 1200 mm 3 Blades Ceiling Fan (Gold Mist Wood)

Ceiling fans are the most power-efficient way to combat the heat. Not only does a fan help in reducing the temperature of the room but it also helps in making the cooling of air conditioners more cost and power-efficient. The Havells Ambrose Ceiling Fan houses an HPLV motor that delivers superior performance. It has 4 different speed settings and comes in a stylish beige finish that doesn’t decrease the aesthetic value of your interiors.

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 Juicer (Black & Silver)

Hot weather calls for some cold juice that not only helps regulate your body temperature but also has a positive impact on your health. Instead of spending a bomb on buying juice outside, it’s better to get a juicer right in the comfort of your house Not only is this convenient but also takes care of the quality aspect. This juicer from Philips can effectively juice and blend fruits with its powerful 700W motor. Its Quick Clean technology also makes cleaning a breezy task!

Croma CRAR2017 22 Bottles Wine Cooler (Black)

A wine cooler is a perfect purchase for anyone looking to store a bevvy of drinks that are accessible when wanted. This is the perfect living room companion for you in hot weather. Of course, no one’s stopping you to install one in your bedroom too. After all, who would like to walk all the way across the house to get a refreshing drink when the mercury is hitting new highs outside?!

LG GL-051SSW 45L Direct Cool Refrigerator(White)

If you're looking for slightly more versatile refrigeration for your bedsite, this bedsite refrigerator from LG is perfect for that purpose. With the large door basket, you can even put bigger bottles for cooling. A separate freezer compartment lets you compartmentalise your food items. With 45L of storage, you can bid farewell to midnight treks across the house for a snack.

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