That’s it folks. POTUS, that guy who told dad jokes, wore dad jeans, and yes, was the first black man to be elected to the highest office in America - his time is over. Barack Obama gave his farewell speech to Americans last night (early this morning for Indians tuning in) - and what a delightful speech it was. Obama has been hailed as a savvy orator, and as a ‘social media president’ – he’s been able to connect with every demographic, especially the millennial, thanks to clever social media communication. Snapchat? He was on it. Twitter? He had 77 million followers. Instagram and Facebook? The official White House page had over 7 million Likes. And the president’s official YouTube videos? So many of them went viral. His ability to connect with people, and send across his message - whether it’s about ObamaCare, disarming the nuclear programme in Iran, opening up diplomatic communication with Cuba or signing the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) – is both entertaining and clever. The Atlantic, in a piece about Obama’s astute use of social media says, “Ultimately, history will judge the 44th president, online and off. But instead of the “first social media presidency,” I wonder if Obama’s legacy won’t instead be that of the “cool dad presidency.” What people liked about Obama’s relationship to technology is that it was so much like their own. Obama was relatable and with-it… He could make a post go viral and deserve it.” So as the Obama administration works to digitally archive every tweet, meme (access the archive here) and speech, we’ve mined some of ‘cool dad’ President Obama’s best YouTube moments.

The One Where Obama Plays Mentor

The One Where Obama Appoints a Child Science Advisor

When Obama Reminded America to Sign Up for Health Insurance With This BuzzFeed Video

The One Where Obama Slow Jammed With Jimmy Fallon (And Campaigned for the Democrats)

When Obama Met Superman

And Danced with R2D2 & FLOTUS

When He Realised His Time as President Was Up

So He Made Retirement Plans, Like This

And Also Polished His Resume

Obama Also Made This Epic Correspondents' Dinner Speech

It Was Better Than Last Year's Comedy Act

Oh, He Also Received a Retirement Present

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