Research says that most people lose motivation to follow through on their resolution three weeks after they first starting to work on them. If you have already gone back to unhealthy food or stopped learning something new like you had planned for this year, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. It’s perfectly normal behaviour to slacken up on your resolutions when you feel they aren’t working for you. We’re here to get you back to following through on your resolutions with these handy tips.

Rethink Your Goals

The most likely reason you quit is because you suddenly realised what a huge endeavour you set out to achieve. After all, wishing for six-pack abs is one thing, but making it your resolution when you don’t have the time to get away from your desk – which you are chained to – will make it tough to achieve. Instead of aiming so high that you crash and burn, it’s easier to aim for things you can realistically achieve. Our mind is more driven by results than you think: if you don’t see results immediately, the pleasure trigger will revolt against your new routine and push you back to your happy space. Aim for goals that are possible and then trick your brain to do things you never thought you could achieve. One way to achieve this is through temptation bundling. Try it out.

Pick One Big Resolution

A common mistake most of us make is to cram as many resolutions as possible when the New Year rolls around. Instead of reinventing yourself completely, it’s much easier to focus on one thing that you want to change about yourself. Whether it’s learning how to play the guitar, or speaking French like a local, or anything else that you feel you want to do, it’s easier when you just focus on one thing. Then devote all your time and energy to fulfilling your resolution. This will also help you prioritise and focus on the thing you want the most, giving you more motivation to achieve it than if you had five different resolutions combined.

Commit to The World

Look no farther than Mark Zuckerberg for this. Zuckerberg makes his New Year resolutions public – on a Facebook community - every year and follows through, whether it’s learning Mandarin or reading more books. His resolution for 2017 is to visit all the states in America – a decision that has prompted some to ask if he’s going to run for President of the United States of America in 2020. Committing your resolution publicly means your progress is there for the world to see. It can be a great way to get feedback, as well as keep up with your progress, lest your friends think you’re a shirker. Don’t abandon your resolutions; instead make yourself accountable by sharing them with your friends and family.

Check for Success

It’s no use just coming up with resolutions without making the provision for them to happen. Try to make little changes to ensure your resolutions succeed. If you want to learn to cook, buy some kitchenware and a cookbook to get started. If you want to travel to Europe, start studying about places you want to visit and what you want to see while you’re there. Make a habit of reviewing your goals at the end of each week and seeing what more you can do to stay on track and grow further. Unless you take the effort to really change the way you live, your days will get back to the routine you are habituated to.

Celebrate Small Wins

Okay, here’s the deal. Some days you will fail to work on your resolutions because other commitments will take priority. It’s totally acceptable not to work on your goals all the time. After all, even athletes have cheat days. What you mustn’t do is fall into the trap of losing track of your resolutions. Instead, keep a reward mechanism in place to gift yourself little incentives whenever you reach certain milestones. After all, we’re humans and even a little gratification is enough to keep us on the path to fulfilling our New Year resolution.

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