We get it. February’s a stressful month when it comes to proving how accomplished of a lover you are. There’s a lot of pressure – created by decades-worth of ads and films - on men and women to one-up each other in all things romantic. So you’re not alone if you’re one of those people who has fantasised about whipped cream being part of your amorous activities; you’re probably also the type who’d love to bring Nutella into the equation too. And while we can’t tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies, we can, at the very least, implore them not to waste precious resources – as is the case with the more risqué lubes making their way to your bedside table. So in the run up to Nutella Day this Sunday, we’d like to change your mind with some #foodporn, instead. So why don’t you…  

Lick it Off Some Popcorn

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Slather It On Your Waffles…


…Then Nibble…


… Or Bite


Dig Into This Cheese Cake


Suck This Freak Shake


Get Yourself a Tart

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Go Nuts for This Cake…


…Or Bananas for These Crepes

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Basically, Just Go Nuts!

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